Asbestos Exclusions

You are not covered in a Public Liability or Products Liability policy for Asbestos related claims. The exclusion found in the policy will often look similar to this:

Specific exclusions applicable to this Section This Section does not cover any actual or alleged liability arising directly or indirectly out of, resulting from or in consequence of, or in any way involving asbestos, or any materials containing asbestos in whatever form or quantity. 

It came about many years ago due to Asbestos before it was even banned here in Australia. Evidence overseas had shown the Asbestos dust born diseases relating to the product were leading to many claims. Some of these insurers are still paying out these claims today and still provisioning each year for them.

If you are wanting to find out more about whether you could be carrying out work in an area containing asbestos, please call for help from my good friend Tracey Sims of Cameron Sims. Tel 07 3357 3353 or 0407 020 417. Email or check out their web site They expert Asbestos Consultants who specialise in Asbestos Management and removal.

Prevention of a claim against you that is uninsured is better than the cure.

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