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Edition 61 - Risky Business December 2016 - The risks to your business simply by holding a Christmas Office Party

Edition 60 - Risky Business November 2016 - we discuss the risks of posting un true statements on Social Media and even agreeing with them

Edition 59 - Risky Business October 2016 - We return to the new legislation about to offer protections to small business due to Unfair Contract terms.

Edition 58 - Risky Business September 2016 - We remind you about the Flood Risk this season and suggest an excellent Loss Control Solution to protect your building from Floods.

Edition 57 - Risky Business August 2016 - We tell you why you should be alert to the people that visit your Business premises.

Edition 56 - Risky Business July 2016 - We tell you about the five main types of Cyber attacks you should be aware of.

Edition 55 - Risky Business June 2016 - Allowing staff to work away from the office poses additional risks you should be aware of

Edition 54 - Risky Business May 2016 - Defamation of another person is something we can easily do in Business. We discuss how manage this.

Edition 53 - Risky Business April 2016 - Asbestos is a hazard that can be found in most buildings built before 1986. Be aware of the risks.

Edition 52 - Risky Business March 2016 - There are Insurance covers available that are being overlooked. What are the vital ones?

Edition 51 - Risky Business February 2016 - Why do we think Under-insurance is such a scourge?

Edition 50 - Risky Business January 2016 - Cyber Risks have never been as large a threat as they are now but many businesses still have no cover

Edition 49 - Risky Business December 2015 - Small Business Contract protections are coming in to prevent unfair contract terms applying

Edition 48 - Risky Business November 2015 - Five Years in Business. 100% record on having our client's claims settled. Why is this important?

Edition 47 - Risky Business October 2015 - Could your home harm other people? We explain why.

Edition 46 - Risky Business September 2015 - Watch out for a higher than normal Bushfire season. We explain why?

Edition 45 - Risky Business August 2015 - Building materials, some can be hazardous. How can you be sure that you are not an increased Fire risk?

Edition 44 - Risky Business July 2015 - Brand Reputation is everything, how do you manage a crisis that hits your business?

Edition 43 - Risky Business June 2015 - we discuss the mistakes you can easily make running your own business and how to protect yourself

Edition 42 - Risky Business May 2015 - we discuss the gaps we see in Insurance covers and in particular Business Interruption risks.

Edition 41 - Risky Business April 2015 - we discuss what a Broker will be asking you when it comes to a renewal review for your Insurance

Edition 40 - Risky Business March 2015 - We talk about what happens if your business is sued.

Edition 39 - Risky Business February 2015 - we talk about the latent damage to Roofs from the November Hail storms and the resultant water damage

Edition 38 - Risky Business January 2015 - we talk about the aftermath of the Brisbane Storms and how it has tested Insurers and Brokers

Edition 37 - Risky Business December 2014 - we talk about the risks of that office or work christmas party and how it can go wrong.

Edition 36 - Risky Business November 2014 - be careful with policies when it comes to Insurers and how they view damage by trees or winds following a storm.

Edition 35 - Risky Business October 2014 - we talk about some of the Commercial Legal Expense covers available and in what form.

Edition 34 - Risky Business September 2014 - we discuss setting up a crisis plan in the event of a Cyber attack

Edition 33 - Risky Business August 2014 - we discuss Removal of Debris and how this is often under estimated

Edition 32 - Risky Business July 2014 - we talk about the heavy fines and reputational damage from giving yourself fake testamonials

Edition 31 - Risky Business June 2014 - we discuss the risks that now come with signing a Contract and assuming more risk than insured.

Edition 30 - Risky Business May 2014 - we look at Reputational Risks and how your brand can be affected

Edition 29 - Risky Business April 2014 - we look at Trade Credit risks and how a customer not paying their bills can send you broke.

Edition 28 - Risky Business March 2014 - we look at what Employers face as issues in 2014 and solutions to protect them.

Edition 27 - Risky Business February 2014 - again we look at the issue of Cyber Risks. Is this area being overlooked?

Edition 26 - Risky Business December 2013 - we look back at the risks that emerged or dominated the 2013 year.

Edition 25 - Risky Business November 2013 - we discuss there is a lot of difference between Householders policies from insurers

Edition 24 - Risky Business October 2013 - we discuss the risks of being a Property Owner who is also a Landlord.

Edition 23 - Risky Business September 2013 - we discuss the advantages of having a Corporate Travel policy if you do trips away.

Edition 22 - Risky Business August 2013 - we discuss Social Media and your responsibilities under the law and the role of the ACCC.

Edition 21 - Risky Business July 2013 - we discuss the high incidence of fraud in the workplace and its impacts

Edition 20 - Risky Business June 2013 - we discuss the relationship between Flood and Business Interruption

Edition 19 - Risky Business May 2013 - 5 tips to reduce your Cyber Risk exposure.

Edition 18 - Risky Business April 2013 - Consultants most important cover is Professional Indemnity

Edition 17 - Risky Business March 2013 - Do not forget to insure your tools of trade and other general property

Edition 16 - Risky Business February 2013 - Be work place health and safety smart this year

Edition 15 - Risky Business December 2012 - We look at Burglary and Money Risks

Edition 14 - Risky Business November 2012 - Asks you to be Storm safe this Summer

Edition 13 - Risky Bu siness October 2012 - Tax Audit Insurance and Employee Dishonesty cover.

Edition 12 - Risky Business September 2012 - Trade Credit and how to insure against bad debts

Edition 11 - Risky Business August 2012 - How to handle the media when they turn up at your door along with reasons why Insurers hate EPS Sandwich Panels.

Edition 10 - Risky Business July 2012 - we talk about areas of Householders Insurance and some related tips

Edition 9 - Risky Business June 2012 - we discuss the importance of reviewing your current Business Pack policy, and whether 30 June is an ideal expiry date for your insurance

Edition 8 - Risky Business May 2012 - we discuss the importance and value of Product Recall and Contaminated Products Insurance

Edition 7 - Risky Business April 2012 - discusses the importance of Professional Indemnity Insurance for occupations that give advice for a fee.

Edition 6 - Risky Business March 2012 - talks about the rampant under-insurance of property by both Business Clients and Domestic policy holders. Why is it a problem? What should we do about it?

Edition 5 - Risky Business February 2012 - in which we talk about the increasing risks of Cyber Liability to businesses particularly those in the multi-media sector. Insurance policies are now available to protect you,

Edition 4 - Risky Business December 2011 - talking about Seasonal Increase extensions, being Storm Ready this summer and new number for Townsville clients

Edition 3 - Risky Business November 2011 - talking about the importance of any small business to have Management Liability cover

Edition 2 - Risky Business October 2011- talking about Business Interruption cover - still not included by Insureds in their Business Insurance

Edition 1 - Risky Business September 2011 - talking about Employsure - a new Employment Practices Liability cover  t  

Latest News

Ransomware a threat

You sit down at your computer to check your email. It is Christmas time and you are getting notes from many different delivery companies saying that a package was unable to be delivered to your home. Please click on the reply button (link) to advise where or when the parcel can be redelivered.

It looks authentic, you have no reason to believe that it simply advice about collecting yet another parcel in time for Christmas. The company named is well known and reputable. Admittedly the email address looks a little strange. However, you also know there are many new domain names and extensions now, You click on the reply button…

Before you know it, your computer has downloaded a version of “Crypto-locker”. Your first thought is that expensive Anti-Virus software should have picked it up, but they can only pick up viruses they know about. This brand new release of “Crypto-locker has locked up your screen and is demanded $1,000 worth of “Bitcoin”. What the hell is Bitcoin?

The fact is Australian businesses are increasingly at risk of attack by malicious ransomware software. Hackers have moved on from targetting government and banks, and are now going after small targets on a wide scale.

They are setting small amounts because small business works out that it is cheaper to pay the Ransom than hire an IT expert to fix up the problem.

Ransomware is software that infects a user's computer or network, locking access to files until a sum of money is paid. Crypto-locker is an example.

For now, Cyber Risk Insurance is available and if your Insurance Broker or Adviser has not yet discussed this with you, then contact us.

This is a real threat to your business, can affect your income and Brand reputation. Just like other Liability policies, you should not take the risk un-insured because it can wreck a business.

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Above-average cyclone season looms

Insurers should brace for an above-average cyclone season due to weakening La Nina conditions in the Pacific Ocean and warmer than average sea temperatures to the north and east, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

The cyclone season begins next month and ends in April.

The bureau says Australia has a 67% chance of an above-average season, while the west has a 59% chance, the northwest 63%, the north 56% and the east 58%.

In neutral years the first tropical cyclone to make landfall typically occurs in late December, while in La Nina years it usually hits in the first week of December, the bureau says.

Insurance Council of Australia spokesman Campbell Fuller says even an average cyclone season – consisting of 11 events, four of which make landfall – can be devastating.

“An above-average year could bring many more than that, and each one has the potential to cause catastrophic damage if it crosses the coast in a heavily populated area,” he said.

As reported by

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