Heavy Vehicle Transport Insurance

Australia wide cover on all Vehicles

Some Insurers offer substantial discounts for insured’s who travel within a certain radius, but make sure that you can still get full cover even if the accident occurs outside the nominated radius but it may be subject to an additional excess. 
Sometimes the excess can be waived for a small fee for individual trips outside the radius, advised to insurers in advance.
The excess only applies if the accident actually occurs outside the radius, & the radius is measured ‘as the crow flies’. Some insurers decline to pay the claim altogether if you exceed their radius, and others take it one step further by sometimes actually refusing to pay the claim even if you were inside your radius at the time of an accident! These insurers have a policy which enables them to refuse to pay your claim, if they can prove you were merely embarking on a journey that would have taken you outside the radius for any part of the trip. This means you could crash in your own driveway, and still not be covered!

Latest News

Illegal or unsuitable cladding now a big issue

Why we have laws, regulations and Australian standards? Because some people just do the wrong thing all for the sake of making money. The cladding issue is the subject of 4 Corners program on the ABC.

We are already seeing Insurance policies now placing exclusion endorsements into their policies excluding and claims relating to illegal cladding. We are seeing Governments demanding Audits of all existing buildings above a certain height. There are accusations of Builders taking other short cuts such as on Wiring, Pipes and sprinkler systems. 

The question is, who is to blame? Who will take responsibility?

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Small business in NSW

Right after the NSW Government have reimposed Fire Service Levies, they have at least made an effort for small business. The government has announced it will abolish stamp duty on a number of policies taken out by a small business. This is an important change.

What is a small business? In order to gain the exemptions, the business must be a small business for Capital Gains Tax Purposes for the income year in which the insurance is effected or renewed. A small business for CGT purposes is: “an individual, partnership, company or trust that is carrying on a business, and has an aggregated turnover of less than $2 million.”

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