Heavy Vehicle Transport Insurance

Good drivers deserve good premiums

Some insurers offer you the choice of insuring without Driver Declaration conditions. Others will give a substantial discount, if you take up their Driver Declaration option. They can even assist you in the selection process for your drivers, which may reduce your chances of an accident. Certainly our experience has shown us that we are able to obtain much lower premiums to customers who choose this option.
Even if you take this option, you should still be allowed for any correctly licenced driver you wish, to drive your truck but they may ask you to share more of the risk with them by paying a $10,000 excess if an Unapproved driver has an accident.
Also, if you forget to declare a driver and they have an accident, they should consider that if they would have approved the driver, they would waive the Unapproved Driver Excess.
If the accident would have occurred regardless of who was driving, they should waive the Unapproved Driver Excess anyway.
This very fair and flexible approach means you can make premium savings from Driver Declarations with complete peace of mind. 

Latest News

CPR joins Ausure

We would like to announce to all our Clients, Prospective Clients, Suppliers and Insurers, that Cooper Professional Risks Pty Ltd trading as CPR Insurance Services, will be leaving National Adviser Services Pty Ltd (NAS) and joining Ausure Pty Ltd as a Corporate Authorised Representative from 5 March 2018.

Fundamentally, there is no difference to you, except our Invoices will look a little different, and the Banking details will be in a different name and account number. Everything else at CPR stays the same.

There are a number of reasons we have made this decision, but the primary reason is for what we believe is best for our clients.

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Special offer to CPR Insurance clients

Employsure are providing a FREE Business Health Check to all our clients and gives you the opportunity to receive an analysis of the health and safety requirements in your workplace. Also. Employsure  will review your employment agreements as well as your wage rates helping you to avoid workplace claims.

Ordinarily this would cost you at least $1,250 but because you are a CPR Insurance client, it is free!

It involves the following review for you.


A specialist Work Health and Safety Consultant will visit your workplace and carry out:

A review of your business’ current work health and safety policies, procedures and systems to identify areas of concern or non-compliance

Following the review, you will receive a report summarising the findings and the health and safety

Status of your workplace


A Wages Adviser will review your rates of pay and produce a Wage Check report.

The review will be conducted against the industrial instrument applicable

A report will be supplied advising if the wages are compliant and what steps to take to achieve compliance


A Document Consultant will review an employment agreement and provide recommendations.

The review will highlight compliance issues with the Fair Work Act 2009 as well as best practice

The report will make recommendations to achieve compliance and provide protection to your business.

This will remove any areas of potential dispute and risk

So what do you have to lose? Contact us on 07 3123 1137 and arrange 

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