Heavy Vehicle Transport Insurance

Good drivers deserve good premiums

Some insurers offer you the choice of insuring without Driver Declaration conditions. Others will give a substantial discount, if you take up their Driver Declaration option. They can even assist you in the selection process for your drivers, which may reduce your chances of an accident. Certainly our experience has shown us that we are able to obtain much lower premiums to customers who choose this option.
Even if you take this option, you should still be allowed for any correctly licenced driver you wish, to drive your truck but they may ask you to share more of the risk with them by paying a $10,000 excess if an Unapproved driver has an accident.
Also, if you forget to declare a driver and they have an accident, they should consider that if they would have approved the driver, they would waive the Unapproved Driver Excess.
If the accident would have occurred regardless of who was driving, they should waive the Unapproved Driver Excess anyway.
This very fair and flexible approach means you can make premium savings from Driver Declarations with complete peace of mind. 

Latest News

Robert Cooper - one of 100 faces of small business

This week it was announced as part of Small Business Week,  that Robert has been named one of the 100 faces of small business for a State Government promotion on the great value that small businesses play in the State of Queensland.

You can see Robert's entry here:

It is the third accolade for CPR Insurance Services in a month and after seven and a half years in business is a real pep up for the company.

For Robert, it is the culmination of many years experience, becoming well qualified, experiencing the highs and lows of a career and always wanting to contribute to his community. Sometimes, these things just come together and you receive recognition for your efforts.

Robert says that there is no doubt that starting your own business is a huge challenge, but with the right research and planning, the right people around you and a good set of values that you apply to the vision of the company, you have a very good chance of making it all succeed.

Robert says he is lucky. He has a strong supportive Wife, Mandy, who is also part of the business, along with efficient and hard working staff such as Julia McLauchlan and Aidan Harmer who are building up their own skills in a learning environment. 

However, the most important and most supportive people for CPR Insurance Services are our clients who have stuck by us and supported us over the past seven years. Our focus remains on providing the best possible service we can and always acting in their best interests. To all our clients, we say thank you!

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CPR Insurance wins Brokerage of the year

CPR Insurance Services picked up the award for the Best Brokerage (1-5 staff) in Australia, last Friday Night (4th May 2018) at the Insurance Business Magazine Awards held at the Westin in Sydney.

Judging came from various parts of the industry. It is a great honour to be recognised for our hard work and particular Business values we follow. A full list of winners is listed here.

Success comes from having great staff, and we thank Aidan Harmer and Julia McLauchlan as important support staff for helping us win such an award.

CPR Insurance has been in operation for more than 7 years now and is only successful because of the wonderful support from our staff, insurers and most importantly, our fantastic clients who put their faith and trust into our company to be their Risk Advisers and Brokers. 

Thank you to all.

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